About us

The British Columbia Association of Community Music Schools (BCACMS) promotes the establishment and support of independent and affiliated non-profit Conservatory-type Music Schools in British Columbia. The BCACMS facilitates the interaction and cooperation between these schools and with provincial, national and international organizations with the same or similar interests.

Membership in the BCACMS is open to any individual representing an independent and affiliated non-profit Conservatory-type Music School in British Columbia upon acceptance of an application by the Association. All members have the right to participate in the affairs of the Association, to propose motions and to speak in debate. Each member institution is entitled to one vote. Members voting at the Annual General Meeting establish membership fees.

Members will appreciate access to resources and support for their work as the BCACMS supports or provides:

  • A forum for the exchange of ideas and information
  • Advocacy for community/conservatory type music schools
  • Faculty, program and resource development
  • Management and business development

To apply for membership, contact any of the Officers of the BCACMS


Shared Goals and Values for BCACMS Member Schools


  • Offers broad, sequential program­ming that is responsive to community needs and reflects the school’s mission statement and vision
  • Challenges each student to realize his/her highest level of artistic potential in a caring and supportive environment
  • Offers ongoing publicly advertised performances and recitals by students, instructors and/or guest professionals
  • Engages qualified faculty members
  • Utilizes an appropriately equipped instructional facility


  • Serves students regardless of age, gender, race, religion, national and ethnic origin, sexual orientation or disability
  • Offers both need-based financial aid and competitive based scholarships


  • Provides effective management through the use of professional staff members
  • Incorporates as a not-for-profit society governed by a volunteer Board of Directors to ensure accountability, adherence to mission and responsiveness to changing community needs as well as to ensure the longevity of the organization
  • Adheres to policies and procedures that ensure the safety and security of students, faculty and staff