Job Search – Principal, Richmond Music School

Job Search – Richmond Music School

Position – Principal

About Richmond Music School

Founded in 1980, the Richmond Music School (RMS) is the largest and oldest non-profit community music school in Richmond dedicated to high standards in teaching music, in both private and class settings. It enjoys a leadership position throughout Greater Vancouver for its many low-cost programs and student performances in the community. The School is also a pioneer in innovative music training programs, including the Apprentice Teachers Program that trains graduates of the School to become professional music teachers to continue the legacy of providing high quality of music education to students of all ages and levels. The services and programs at the School are made possible by the generous support from donations and local and provincial government grants.

The School is governed by the Board of Directors with 6 volunteer members. The Principal reports directly to the Board. All staff and faculty report to the Principal. There are currently 3 salaried office administration staff and 40 contracted faculty members.

RMS is a registered charity and is the Canadian representative of The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), a globally renowned music examination board based in London, UK.

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Position Summary

The Principal will be a visionary leader that oversees all aspects of RMS’ music programs, concerts, and operations. As an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors, the Principal will participate in strategic planning and act as the liaison between the Board, faculty, office staffs, students, and the general public. The Principal will be responsible for the management of the organization to accomplish the direction set by the Board and for increasing the public profile of the School to encourage growth.

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