Missed Opportunity

There is an interesting post on Greg Sandow’s Blog about music schools (universtiy schools) and student recitals. Many student concerts are free, but finding an audience for them remains to be a challenge. At our school (Delta Community Music School) we host many free concerts through the year, and as well a summer jazz festival that includes a week of free noon hour concerts by our faculty. Interestingly enough none of these concerts in the past has been very well attended.

Getting the word out to young musicians and families is an increasing difficult challenge as the usual media for advertising (newspapers, flyers, posters) seem to have less effect. We know there are people out there who would like to come to these events, but how do we connect with them? In the past couple of years I have been increasingly turning to emails, social networking sites like facebook to try to connect with those that might be interested in what we are doing.

Link to Greg’s article on Sandow

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