Social media & customer engagement

This recent article on BC Business magazine explores how to use social media, and gives a great example of why you don’t want a junior employee in charge of it. The article sites how a small business owner has used twitter to personalize his business and respond to customer tweets about the experience at his small fitness club, probably not unlike the size and scope of a small music school.

Question for our readers, how many of you use Twitter? My suspicion is that if I were ask people to rank the methods of communication most used I would get this order:

  1. email
  2. text messaging 
  3. old fashioned phone call
  4. facebook
  5. twitter

For those under 25 years of age, my guess is that this would be true:

  1. SMS or text messaging
  2. facebook
  3. email
  4. old fashioned phone call
  5. twitter

I have twitter is last spot here on both of my lists… So for users in the province of BC, do you think I am correct with this notion, or behind the times as they say? 

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