Summer 2020, welcome to Stage 3 (Covid-19 response)

Update – June 28, 2020

As our provincial restrictions are changing, and we are now moving to Stage 3 many of our businesses and activities are beginning to resume operations again. Social distancing and limitations on group gatherings will remain in place probably for a long time to come, but we are able now to create environments where some of what we are doing is possible now to embark on the road back to in-person (Face to face) models of instruction.

Youth Orchestra in Zoomscape!

We will be moving forward over the coming months with an abundance of caution, and also will be paying strict adherence to provincial guidelines and our industry’s best practices. The summer provides a buffer of a couple of months to work out strategies in each of our schools as to how to implement new Provincial and WorkSafe BC guidelines, and going forward now we will begin now sharing resources on our website and on this news page. The reality is many of our programs and private instruction may remain online for months to come, augmented with the creation of a blended delivery of small groups or individual in-person delivery of programs. Resources will be limited, physical classroom sizes, building restrictions, availability of basics such as sanitizers, wipes, and plexiglass shields will play a role in all of this as well.

Congratulations to the many teachers who have not allowed themselves to be defeated over the past few months and have percerveered to continue to offer quality musiclal instructions and programs in the new online universe. Indeed for those students and teachers who have taken the initiative, we have noited and marked increase and abilitiy in our students who have continued learning in online platforms since the end of March 2020. Thank you to our teachers who have taken on the tasks and challenges of learning new skills, new methods of delivery , adopted new technologies, and then shared all of those new skills with their students, families, neighbours and institutions that they work with.
Thank-you to all of you for your undying dedication to your students, your art , and to music education. – Stephen

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