The Weekly Round up

Some interesting and offbeat items from the online world over the past week or so.

Nice work if you can get it!  Stagehands at Carnegie Hall take home a pretty good wage, well into 6 figures, some as much as a half million dollars a year. Carnegie Hall’s CFO only makes around $386,000 per year. Sounds like backstage staff gets paid a lot more than the artists they are supporting (?!?) (Source: . )

Playing a wind instrument can cause respiratory problems:  A note to all you wind and brass players out there, would be a good idea to clean your mouthpiece and reeds on occasion. Yup, it is now official, (Just in case you weren’t sure) that those little germs and bacteria that can hide in your instrument and the fuzzy stuff on your reeds might not be good for you. The Claim: Playing a Wind Instrument causes Respiratory Infections (New York Times May 24, 2011)

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