Why Your Board needs Term Limits

Is your board reluctant to enforce term limits? If so, the board is in danger of becoming stale and set in its ways. And when that happens, your entire organization may be at risk – sooner than you think. This is a very, very dangerous place for any nonprofit in today’s wildly shifting environment.

Five Boards Gone Down the Wrong Path
Here are the stories of five boards gone wrong:

1. The Martyrs.

This board is full of hard-working martyrs. They kill themselves with work – doing things that staff could or should be doing.
They complain:

“We work SO hard and we’re SO burned out. Woe to us.”

The irony is that this board worked very hard to enlist “diverse” members.
But when the highly valued new members saw this group’s attitude and what was expected, the new members fled.

Martyr boards are no fun. They drive new people away.
The worst thing is that this board will not be able to develop new leaders: a very serious problem for the future.

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