4 reasons your Executive Director should be on Twitter

Four reasons executive directors should be on Twitter

  • Executives can understand the community better through unfiltered direct access.
  • They can create greater trust within that community by demonstrating the organization’s commitment to engage.
  • They can respond faster to the community by eliminating the time it takes to play the telephone game.
  • They can anticipate needs that less experienced staff members might miss.

But what if our exec team members are too busy?
Too busy? If they aren’t willing to make an effort to hear firsthand from the people they serve, maybe they aren’t the right leaders for the organization. Maybe their heart’s not in it?

What do you think?

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  1. Anonymous

    Twitter is just one option, and ED’s should do what works best for them and their organization. Whether it is holding open meetings, observing service delivery firsthand to meet customers/clients, or having a publicly accessible email address, there are numerous ways to engage and listen to the people a non-profit serves. We must also not forget, that an ED serves their board, staff, patrons and


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