Another reason to turn off the video games and practice…

Ok, we know our kids spend too much time in front of TV , video games and other media devices. We have suspected for awhile that this probably isn’t that great for us. Now there are some rather disturbing results that have come forward this week about a correlation between media use and the overall health of children and teens. A recent article in the New York Times from December 1st explores recent research findings released by Common Sense media and the National Institue of Health (USA).
From the New York Times “A review of 173 studies about the effects of media consumption on children asserts that a strong correlation exists between greater exposure and adverse health outcomes.” (Hey maybe I should spend less time working on this blog! I should go practice!)

New York times article link

Also here is a link to the executive summary of the report found on the Common Sense media website.

Executive summary – Media + Child and Adolescent Health: A Systematic Review

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