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“Just Do It” – sounds like an over used corporate slogan, but then again the road to becoming an great artist or a great “anything at all” for that matter is first to get out thee and “do it”, not just write or talk about it.

The link below is an article worth having a look at , I will quote a few lines here because it makes a great point.

… I was reminded of this the other night during the Oscars when Michael Ciacchino won for his original score for “Up.” He skipped the usual shout-outs to agents and higher powers and, instead, went right back to the beginning.

I was nine and I asked my dad, “Can I have your movie camera? That old, wind-up 8 millimeter camera that was in your drawer?” And he goes, “Sure, take it.” And I took it and I started making movies with it and I started being as creative as I could, and never once in my life did my parents ever say, “What you’re doing is a waste of time.” Never. And I grew up, I had teachers, I had colleagues, I had people that I worked with all through my life who always told me what you’re doing is not a waste of time. So that was normal to me that it was OK to do that. I know there are kids out there that don’t have that support system so if you’re out there and you’re listening, listen to me: If you want to be creative, get out there and do it. It’s not a waste of time. Do it. OK?

Imagine that. He had teachers who told him what he was doing wasn’t a waste of time. All aspiring young artists should have teachers like that. I’m not saying that teachers who foster creativity aren’t out there, but they’re either fleeing the profession or drowning in a mad “reform” race that threatens to drive the arts out of public schools. And frankly, I’m worried.

Arts education: “It’s not a waste of time” – ARTicles Blog of the National Arts Journalism Program.

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