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The new Vancouver Symphony Music School is getting set up to open in January 2011. Construction of their new facilty on Seymour Street in Vancouver seems to be coming along on schedule. While most of the teaching staff will comprise of members of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, some teaching positions will be filled by non orchestra members. The school is now looking to fill some of those positions.  Check out the “job postings’ page on our main site at for more information.

Delta Community Music School has moved to a new location. After more than 20 years in a second floor office space above a carpet store in Ladner village they finally have their own “home”.  The school has taken up residence in the McKee Heritage House on Arthur Drive.  The house built in 1895 is a 3000 sq. ft. facility owned by  Delta and maintained by Delta Parks Recreation and Culture. The school opens in its new location at 4705 Arthur Drive in Ladner BC next week when the students are back from Spring Break. An official “Open House” event is being planned for this May.

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