B.C. funding shortage sends Pite to Germany

Are you listening Gordon Campbell?

Crystal Pite and her dance company are temporarily relocating from British Columbia to Germany because the choreographer was able to secure two years of steady funding for her company from the city of Frankfurt and its regional government.

Pite said that she has renamed her company Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM in order to honour the two-year relationship with Kunstlerhaus Mousonturm, the theatre in Frankfurt where her company will be based through to 2012.

RM is the acronym for Rhein-Main, the metropolitan government in Germany for the area that includes the city of Frankfurt.

“We have an amazing two-year coproduction with a theatre in Frankfurt,” Pite said by phone.

“I’m able to employ my dancers for the first time all year long. I have never been able to do that before.

“So we’re called Kidd Pivot Frankfurt for the next few years.

It could not be better timing. With the funding drying up in British Columbia, it was getting pretty scary.”

B.C. funding shortage sends Pite to Germany

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