No student performers means no arts grants

When the government outlined what sorts of arts groups would be eligible to receive funding from provincial gaming grants this year, it was a relief to some organizations.
The Ministry of Housing and Social Development said that adult arts and culture groups need not apply, but youth arts and culture groups would be eligible, and that a new subcategory had been created especially for museums, fairs and festivals. The province has allocated $120-million in gaming grants – money from the province’s gambling operations – with $11.5-million for arts and culture.
But it appears things aren’t that cut and dried for professional arts festivals or arts organizations that cater to children.
Kids’ arts groups are hearing that without active youth participation, they are ineligible for the gaming grants this year, even if the work is intended for a young audience and presented in schools.
Take Green Thumb Theatre: The award-winning theatre company for young people has in the past received $46,500 in annual gaming grants for its programming: $10,000 for its main-stage productions and $36,500 to support extensive provincewide touring.
But general manager Ivan Habel has been told by the ministry that without youth participation, his theatre company won’t get that money.
“No dice,” Mr. Habel said Tuesday. “It comes as a real worry in terms of how we’re going to continue to service the broader B.C. community over the year.”
Read the article at the Globe and mail, follow the link below.

No student performers means no arts grants – The Globe and Mail

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