Socio Economic Impacts of Arts and Culture

There has been much ado in recent weeks about the notion that a $1 investment in the arts in BC generates a $1.38 return on that investment. This statistic has been quoted in quite a few places as being from the BC governments own ministry. This statistic seems to have come from this report, which was somewhere on the province’s website, but has at this point been taken down.

The report is entitled “Socio – Economic Impacts of Arts and Cultural Organizations in BC:: Grant Applicants to the BC Arts Council” and the report was written “for Business Research Tourism  Development Section Tourism Policy and Development Division Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Arts, BC” by G. S. Sandhu & Associates. December 2006. It is an economic impact study that was completed about 3 years ago. I am posting it here if anyone cares to have a look at it.

Socio Economic Impacts of Arts and Culture

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